.... but don't make mistakes to learn from them.


I came up with this years ago when I was working in an office and kept making the same silly mistakes and it was a motto that kinda stuck in my head.


We all make mistakes.

Today I made a big one. I was playing, through a satellite in the biggest single buyin game I have played. I won't bore you with the details but I played a hand VERY badly.

It just felt wrong but I was stuck and just couldn't explain why I made the mistake.

I got knocked out early and it was a big missed opportunities.


I remind myself of my previous blog : http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/blogs/baud2death/i-m-a-loser article, It isn't the end of the world... it has happened to others and I can get past it.


It isn't the last game I am playing today so I had a choice of either cursing myself and letting it effect my play or picking myself up, dusting off and reminding myself that it was a blip in my game, which whilst not flawless, still has an edge over most of the field.


I am looking to continue tonight, go strong and redeem myself!!