I played well in my games tonight, there were some spots however in my $2.20 Pro KO game where I lost chips for one important reason.

I didn't believe the all-in shove.

I don't know if it was arrogance, over-confidence in my hand or being greedy wanting those chips in my stack but about 3 times today (including when I bust), I didn't believe my opponent had what they were shoving with.

I hate the shove.. You aren't getting called in most cases by good players unless you are beat and you risk losing value.

I am good enough to know there is a hand that can beat me (it was a straight in all of the 3 occasions!) and I am saying "its either a 7 or a 2, i don't think they have it so I call" - they show a 2.


It is very rarely a bluff so why do i keep making the same error?


Well no more... sure, I will leave myself open to some bluffs against me but for the time being until my game improves and my reading ability improves alongside, I am going to automatically believe the overbet. To me an overbet is anything more than 1/2-full pot, is typically going to be an all-in shove. This will of course depend on the stack-size of my opponent and my own stack size, i might want to take more of a risk vs a shorty in relation to how big my stack is, but if it puts me at risk its auto-fold.

Don't even think about it, just fold. Don't even take a moment to sweat it, just fold.


I am going to see how this helps/hurts my game and review down the line.


I however will call if my hand is strong. If my opponent has a straight and I have trips, I may call. If my opponent has a flush and i have a straight, I may call. If my opponent has a full house and I have a flush/straight, I may call... it all depends on the situation.


I just really think that this river-shove move needs a lot more respect than i ever give it and if I don't find a way to build this type of judgement into my game, I will work hard hour by hour to chipup and then get stuck behind a cooler on the river and be unable to fold to a big bet.


Work in progress!!