I hate the early shove however in micro Sit & Gos, I am having to learn how to deal with it, because it comes up often.

This is the move where it is usually raised a good deal preflop and then flop comes, the guy shoves.

He can also over-bet such as 500 into a 100 pot, either way its a bet you can't call without a good holding.


I never understand this move, I have actually called this move on occasion when my holding was good enough. There was no consitency.

It was either complete rags or a small piece of the flop (such as bottom/middle pair or perhaps a draw) or it was a monster.

So my feeling is there are two types of opponents that use this move. The bluffer and the newbie.

The Bluffer (who could also be a newbie) just thinks that people will fold to his action and what he has doesn't matter. He is often encouraged to continue doing this because a lot of people will fold to him. Sometimes it gets even better for him because the occasional opponent will call with something like top pair and he outdraws them.

In the end though, the all-in shove works everytime but the last time and he can't stay consistent with those kinds of moves. Those kinds of moves stack you up enough to get the occasional minimum cash but aren't FT material

The Newbie has no idea how to build value. They will minimum bet a strong hand like two pair, they will slowplay trips too much or they panic and just shove hoping to get called.

These guys are dangerous because they look just like bluffers, they have the same fishy limp moves and 50% VPIP but when they shove, they will likely cripple you.


The problem you have is that it is next to impossible without some kind of prior experience with these guys to know which is which, and even then since they are both fish, there is no real way to tell if they are usually bluffing, what if they caught a hand?

So the default, unfortunately is that we have to believe.


It sucks, we will often be laying down the best hand but the key to crushing these guys is to call with a monster. If they play this move once, they will play it again, its rarely a one-shot deal for them.

So what kind of hand would you want to call with?

To be on the safe side, you would want a top tier hand like trips (on a dry board), straight or flush.

If you want to be adventurous, two pair can be good but unless the board is very dry, I wouldn't chance it.


I hate having to play weak folder to that action, we want to crush such weak players but we can only do so with a holding.

Never call a bluff with a bluff!!

If you think the last heart didn't connect with them but they shoved the river, if you have a good read then go with it but you need to be calling with something decent because if they don't have hearts, they could have two pair or top pair and if all you have is a weak pair or Ace high, it doesn't matter if you don't think they have a flush, they can still beat you.


In conclusion, I hate this move, it shows massive weakness (not strength,weakness) because it is saying that you don't feel like you have the hand and/or the skills to extract money from me street by street and are willing to risk it all on a gamble like we are playing roulette or something.