We all have the feeling of "I'm a loser!!" once in awhile.

We set ourselves goals, big or small and we don't keep to them.

It can be something as small as "Don't chase weak draws" or "Don't over-play AJ"

It can be something bigger such as "Don't play cash games" or "Don't play outside variance"


Whatever the mistake, you need to know a couple of things

1 : It's not the end of the world

2 : Everyone makes mistakes

3 : You can get past it


I said to myself "don't play cash, focus on tournaments" - it isn't that I can't perform in cash games but the swings are a little bit much for my current stategy and as well the mentality needed to play cash is different than tournament (pot odds and rebuy vs chip-up and ICM).


Did that stop me from playing some zoom games today? --- nope.


I recognize I made a mistake, I gave myself a little bit of a hard time and then reminded myself that it isn't the end of the world, everyone makes mistakes and that I need to get past it.


I am hoping I will keep to my plan