One of the best pieces of advice anyone has ever given me and I have taken is to give yourself a downswing goal.



We all have goals for "when I earn $100, I will move upto the next buyin" or "I want to get ITM of 20% in my MTTs"

We rarely have a downswing goal and really, this is a lot more important isn't it?

Having a plan to do something with money you win is a nice problem to have and whilst planning for it isn't the worst thing you can do, it really should be a second priority to a downswing plan because if you run into dead-cards, how you act in that scenario has a much stronger effect on your bankroll than deciding what games you will play next with your winnings.


A downswing goal is pretty much a point over a set period of time that you will call it a day and return back when you are refreshed. The purpose of the downswing goal is to avoid tilting.

A typical downswing goal might be :

Play 20x games in a day, if at any point in that day I have lost more than 5 games aggregate (so 7 games lost but 2 games won) then stop playing for the day and come back refreshed tomorrow.

Another downswing goal might be :

Play cash games but don't reload more than (so if our buyin is $10, we don't want to be more than - $30 behind) so if we are behind, we stop for the day and start again tomorrow


The idea here is that if you lose over and over, this can demotivate you and you can feel like you are chasing loses, playing looser to chip-up and win quicker and playing badly.

Losing 5 games out of 20 is not the end of the world, in fact that ROI is quite good. Losing 20 games out of 20 because you were chasing loses is where the tilt factor comes in.


So it doesn't really hurt to just STOP, sleep on it and play again the next day from scratch. Be mindful of the losses (don't just ignore them) but treat the day as a new start, play right and then your recovery will be a lot more likely than if you get stuck playing on tilt.


So be your game cash or tournament, figure out what is comfortable for you (worst case, 50% of the games you intend to play) and then if you drop below that number, just write the day off and start again the next day.