I played the Big Bang earlier this month and had a really good time.

I whole heartedly recommend that anyone who wins a ticket finds the time to play and anyone that doesn't win a ticket, spares the FPP to Satellite in.


Firstly, you will be facing off against fellow Pokerschoolonline players.

There is a good chance you will run into the same players you have seen discussing in the forums or perhaps even read their blog. These people are likely not your best friends but if you contribute to the forum they wont be strangers and it is a nice refreshing change to play events, especially MTTs where there is a friendly face or two about.

Next, the prize pool is beautiful. Pokerstars put a lot into promoting the Big Bang and funding it very well. For some it is a freeroll (place well in the PSO open, get a stamp, etc) and others not but what a freeroll!! - You won't see freerolls with this prize pool often and when you do, only having to face 1000 field gives you a good chance of seeing some of it.


I had HokyPokyToo at my table, I was mindful that he is a good player and could hurt me if I don't play well.

Good for me that I did... I came into the flop with pairs, his were Jack+Queen. I hit my set, he hit is two pair. The money got in quick enough and it left him with only a few hundred chips which soon led to a knockout.

We both played it well, top two pair is very strong and unless you want to hide in a shell as a passive player, fearing trips everytime you flop two pair is not +EV.


Ovalman came to my table for awhile, taking Hoky's seat as well once he bust. Ovalman got chipped down by a few plays and unfortunately saw an exit too.

I was happy so far because I was both doing well and I had some familiar faces on my table to say Hi too. Sure, being overly friendly with people can be a bit fish but I think the PSO has a really good community and in home games and the Big Bang, a little friendliness is a good thing.


I played well, I lasted past the bubble but bust around 85. It was unfortunate as the FT prizes looked delicious, I just didn't have the cards in the right spot to continue. Next time!!


I strongly recommend anyone who can gives it a try, lots of cash to be had, small field and lots of ways to freeroll in.

Good luck to any who get into the Big Bang next month, I am hoping to get in myself - I won my ticket via a stamp, hopefuly I can impress enough to score another one before the month is out but if not then I just need to look at the FPP satellite option.


Stay lucky