I mentioned this in a forum post and thought it was worth sticking up on my blog to see if it benefits anyone.

I haven't used this method in awhile but am going to start again as it is very useful.


We rarely boom! and share the hands we make a bad play with. We are hoping no-one we knows was railing us and just move onto the next, after all who wants to be reminded of something upsetting.

We however do boom! our big hands - the Royal Flush, the smart bluff and the big pots.


How does sharing the good hands help us improve, in fact it hurts us because we start getting over-confident.

However if we were forced to share all of our bad hands, the shame would make us look harder at improving.


So, here is a really quick way to do a review - doesn't take much effort.

Fire up a word processing program on your computer (like word, excel, notepad)

For every line, when you are pot commited in a hand (1/3 of your chips go in), it goes to showdown and regardless of the outcome, record the boom link in your document.

Next to it, note down if you won or lost and lastly put down a quick few words about the result such as "rivered by 2 outer" or "ahead on every street"

Then when you have some time, ideally the next day or after, take 10-15 minutes before you play to go through some of the hands, picking out any that have an interesting result comment, focusing on the bad sounding ones if possible.


Watching back as you shove preflop with 72o from UTG, get 4 callers and are up against AA, KK, AK, J9, board comes J92, turn brings a 7 and you get another 7 on the river. It will make you sit up!

Usually in general play if you made such a bad move, you would take the quintuple-up and move on, probably forgetting about it later but when you have to sit yourself through half a dozen stupid played hands, you will get an immediate shame face on and have a lot more chance of changing your strategy outside your game than when you have your head in front of cards at the table.


Give it a go and let me know if it helps