Just an update on my grind.





I am now upto about $66, its a bit of a slow burn since I haven't been able to put a lot of time in so far this week and have played the occasional $1-$2 MTT which whilst outside my variance is a little "take-a-shot" game that gives me a little pressure release on my grind.

Yuck though, played the Zoom $2 game last night, finished about 500 and it paid 450 - I wouldn't have minded but got it in with my entire stack of 60BB a couple of hands before I bust :

I had

Preflop I bet about 2.5BB, get only 1 call

Flop comes : - Top trips, chipup please!

I bet 1/2 the pot, he calls

Turn comes : - Now I have full house, have the third nuts and am only behind to TT now or AT

I bet 1/2 the pot, he calls

River comes :

I get it in, he calls

He shows :


Its not the worst beat I have ever had but its bloody annoying!


Thats poker ladies and germs, we move on to the next game.