I placed ok in last nights Hot 55c scoring 36/7799

For my 50c buyin I scored $8.14, so a nice 1:16 win ratio.

Being a turbo, aside from a nice quad-up shortly after late reg, most of the game was played between 10-20bb and I got a few steals in and a fee nice flips but at the end AJ hit 99 and I was out


Now, 1:16 winnings and 8$ from 50c sounds nice but this is only 0.2% of the entire prize pool


if you compare that with the FT bubble of 0.5% for 10th and $21.83 and the top 4 spots which paid an average of $390 and 40% of the entire prize pool for those 4 spots


all the money is at the Final Table!!!

Don't get me wrong, with my late reg and 36th finish I probably spent 2 hours at the table for a 1:16 return, but it stings that all I had to do was get that final double up and I reckon to have made the FT


on to the next one