So my streamline grind method seems to have paid off quite well.

I played a total of 42 x 90-man Sit & Go's (25c buyin) - Total buyin at $11.00

I cashed a total of $22.67 over 10 ITM scores (giving me an ITM of about 24%)


The 25c games are a real grind however if I get into a mode and can run through them, getting to the FT is not at all hard so if I can keep a solid 25% or so ITM and an average of $2 per cash (ish) then over 100 games, I would cash $50 and have spent $25... so to get to my $100 target, I would need to play 200 more games.


I have tweaked my technique a bit now... it still needs some fine tuning but involves being a lot more aggresive with my raises and I end up getting a lot more folds than usual and it is very easy to determine what I am in a hand since at the price I am setting, it is expensive to call a C-bet, its expensive to donk bet and if they do (or if I get a check-raise) then I can fold since I am rarely getting bluffed in that spot.


My new process is not infallible and i do run into bust outs but rarely against anything other than a cooler or an outdraw --- the more I can put down in the loss column associated with those, the better since it is reducing my "i lost because I made a mistake" stats.


Tomorrow I hope to pump out some more games - the grind is working, just need to keep at it!