OK, upto now I have been mixing some 50c MTTs into the mix but personally think this is a bad idea right now for me as it is drawing focus away from my grind.

And besides, it is encouraging me to step into some higher stakes MTTs on the "take-a-shot" mentality... I might win a nice x2 - x3 buyin but I am also at risk of taking shots on games where I might lose just as much.

For that reason, I am setting myself a goal to ignore the tournament tab for anything other than freerolls (PSO, 100k freeroll, FPP Bronzestar games etc) and just focus on the grind.


So far today, I am about even from yesterday.

Will grind like a son of a beach today if i can, multi-table madness and see where I can get to.


It is a reminder to me that no matter how flawless I want to play, I can play bad and if I can identify that and remember that chips lost, are lost... no benefit in chasing them.

Restricting my play to non-MTTs might not have any real bearing on my grind but playing them doesnt seem to be doing me any good right now.