I don't complain about bad beats... just don't like to although this post might count

When you get beat, you move on and you play another game - its just how it is


Tonight though, no matter how, every KO I had, I had the better hand going in on my flips preflop, often by a substantial mile and would get drawed out on

I finished 20/500 and had 30BB, with AK, get bet strong and re-raise, he calls. Flop comes K-X-X and he shoves, I call and he shows 85h (like 1 heart on the board) for an OESD.

So not only did this guy raise from early position with 85 suited, he called a re-raise and shoved on an 8 outer (32% chance to score) hand... oh he obviously caught his straight, no doubt there


It continues when another 500-cap where I am just within the ITM but needing to double up my 12BB stack, get AK and shove, get called by K6o with a guy that whilst covering me, is still going to lose half his stack if I dump on him. Its not like I am playing loose either, my style is pretty tight and aside from position plays, when I am UTG+1, short or not, at 12BB, I am going to have a hand that will beat King High and for 50% of your stack, ATC really doesnt apply and he was calling VERY light


So pretty much every beat (barring I think one or two) came down to me having the better hand by far and getting burned by worse hands that drawed out on me. I appreciate in the long run these guys will pay me off but it doesn't feel as good tonight.


Overall I played less games tonight than I wanted but have been busy and will probably fill some more in over the weekend.

Got 3x 90-man games (bubbled 1, bust the other 2), the Hot 55c / Gtd 11c and 8x 500-cap games. My aggregate profit over these games was -$3.64.

Still have a good $40.95 left in my roll, still plenty of time to grind out an improvement and get some stronger cashes.


Whilst the 500-cap games will have a higher variance than my 90-man games, all i need to do is get a strong 4-spot finish or 1st and I can really beef up my bankroll.

If worst comes to worst and I run bad, my plan is at $25 to drop down to 25c games exclusivly and only going back to 50c games if i can grind back to $50