Hi.. my name is Shove-bot and I would like you to meet my friends, Push_King and All-In-Albert


When we play strong T-A-G style, we are typicalling folding most hands. Our VPIP won't rise more than 15.

Lets just say 15 is the upper limit and 10 is a better number, that is 10/100 hands we play or 1 in 10.

Since an orbit is typically 9 ring, this means we are playing 1 hand every orbit (give or take)

Lets say a typical hand takes 30 seconds (averaged out to in-hand play and folds) then an orbit takes 4.5 minutes and for arguments sake, lets say 5 minutes.

The Turbo games have blind increases every 5 minutes

The regular games have blind varying blind increases but can be 10 or 15 minutes


So when playing T-A-G, you get to make 1 hand per blind increase whereas in a 15 minute structure you can make 3 hands in that time.

That is x3 as many chances to get a good play, a good hand, a decent amount of action and a big pot.


I personally feel that whilst there is some ROI benefit to turbo's, if you can play fast, it feels less like Poker to me and more like bingo. Yes, there is some skill, having a good shove/fold strategy but it is making the most of a bad situation ---


This is all a preface to say that my grind didn't go well today. Since my level is 50c right now, the only SnGs that fit in this level are Turbos and --- I don't like them.

In my games, I got deep in some of the 180 games, right close to the bubble and it took no time. To do that though, I had to get lucky early on with some flips and 3-way all-ins.

Given the choice between being lucky and skillful, I would rather have the latter.



OK rant powered down a bit... back to calming stations!

I played a total of 20 games today so far, all of them busts

I have a current roll of about $36 left


So what can I do about it?

Just because I can play a variance level, doesnt mean that I should.

I enjoy the 50c 500-cap games - they are a nice field, good speed and overall fit well within my strategy. I can't grind them as much since they only run every hour.

Then for any grindable SnG's, I will drop down to the 25c games. Yes, it means my buyin/bankroll variance level is about 150x but the 90-man games at those levels are much easier for my speed and whilst a win in those isn't going to be a massive increase to my bankroll, until I can grind up to the $1 regular speed 180-man games, it will be where I live.


Lessons learned today

- Know the difference between affording to play a certain level and being able to turn a profit at that level

- Play to your strengths, if you find slower speed events easier to play better, do it - if you find that they are too slow and involve you tilting due to boredem, try the faster ones, but don't play just because it makes sense on paper

- Recognize where your game has a leak and plug it, even if that means ditching lots of hard work or taking a break from the game, if the only other choice is throwing good money after bad, you are suffering


I decided to treat myself before I drop down to the lowbie 25c games and jump into a $3.30 Progressive Super KO game... sure, its way outside my variance level but i enjoy them and I find that if you feel a little worse for wear in your run, it can be nice to splurge on a take-a-shot game, especially if the alternative is that you feel tilty and head to the Zoom tables to throw away your roll.

As it stands, I am 639/1181, 540 places paid, my Bounty is $3.75 and I have $2.25 in KOs

Will also be playing some 500-cap games, the hot 55c, $100 GTD 11c, the Bronzestar 20FPP game and then my 25c grind mixed in with 500-cap, 11c, 50c MTTs begins tomorrow.