I have just come off a losing staked series of $1 180-man games... they didn't go too well.



Does that mean that the games were out of my skill range?

Did I get unlucky?

I believe neither, it was just a bad run.


I learned (or re-learned in some cases) some lessons, #1 was playing well with a large stack.


So, without any funding or backers, I am on a micro grind.

I currently have a bankroll of $47.89 and will be playing SNGs and MTTs

My bankroll management allows for the following rules :

When you win and reach x100 buyins for the next tier, move up

When you lose and reach x100 buyins for the previous tier, move down


With that in mind, with $47.89, I will be playing a max of 50c games (55c is fine too) until I either reach $100 (and move up) or $25 (and move down)


Here are the games I am running tonight :

- $0.11 Turbo $100 Gtd MTT - 1027/4727, ITM was 990 - missed the bubble but at 88BB, shoved with TT and although I ran into QQ, it was the right move

- $0.55 500-Cap MTT - 24/381, ITM was 81 and I won $1.05

- $0.55 500-Cap MTT - 57/500, ITM was 99 and I won $0.92


8BB, about 10 off the bubble but can't let that sway me, I get a tasty triple up and then a hand later, had another 7k to my stack with AQ vs Q5 - from almost out to 12/107 - "THIS" is why you don't play scared on the bubble, its FT or nothing! - down to 18BB with AKh, got it in vs big stack with 88, didn't grab my Ace or King - out in 57th

- $0.55 The Hot $2.5k Gtd MTT, 4262/5342+, Don't know what the ITM was since still registering when I bust

Bust early, had AK vs AQ, Ace came on the turn, we got it in on the turn, he had diamonds though and 1 card to come, was a diamond for a flush


21c up wohooooo!!! - Will be running similar games (the hourly 55c 500-cap as well as any other MTTs within that buyin range) and a series of 50c 180-man Turbo games