This might sound like an obvious one but its surprising how simple it is and how much it can help.


We all know that it can get hard at the tables. You misclick a call to a shove instead of a fold, you raise instead of call which encourages a re-raise that you can't stand and have to fold, you misread your hand and get involved when you didn't need to, you misunderstand your outs/pot odds ... this list goes on.


Misreading a hand is very easy to do and one of the worst mis-reads are "I had a flush" or "I had a flush draw" and actually you had a mix of black cards or red cards, none of which added up to the suits you needed to make your hand.

There is a really quick an easy resolution to this - the 4-color deck.


If you pick this option (available on PC and mobile) then your Diamonds will be blue, your Clubs will be Green and the other two remain Black/Red as usual.

This way you can easily see how many green, red, blue and black cards you have and be able to determine just what your flush possibilities are at a quick glance.


This is especially true for those of us that multi-table as we can get stuck in that spot where we have little/no time bank left, we have a quick decision to make and there are "dings" coming from our other open tables --- its much quicker to see where you are with the 4 color deck than a 2 color one.


There is absolutely no reason to choose this unless you have some personal requirement to play with 2 colors for asthetics.