Distraction is a good thing... if done right.

Why would anyone want to be distracted from the table? It isn't so much a distraction from the table and more a distraction from the bordem of the tables.


As much as we all enjoy Poker, after we have played 100s - 1000s of games and 100x that in hands, we must admit that Poker can sometimes be a bit of a grind and if we play TAG well, we are folding 80-90% of hands, that isnt terribly exciting.

First, I wouldn't recommend this tactic for anyone who is still new to the game. New guys need to spend as much time on the table as possible to learn it, this tactic is for those of us who multi-table and are looking for something to keep us from playing bad hands just for the sake of bordem.


So, what kind of distraction is good?

Something that can keep your attention but not too in-depth

Something that you can stop at a moments notice to get back into the game


Good examples of this are watching repeats of your favourite tv shows on Netflix or watching Iron Man for the 100th time.

Bad examples of this are watching new tv shows you are really interested in or perhaps that new release of Batman you have been itching too watch


Having an ipad handy and playing games like Clash of Clans or Angry Birds can be a good distraction too


The idea is to keep you from being crazy at the tables but something you can leave at a moments notice


Some people are too hardcore for distractions - they will multi-table 10 games at a time or perhaps play 1 table but keep their eyes on that table no matter what.


There is a reason a lot of WSOP players can be found listening to iPods during the early stages but you won't see them at the final table --- a bit of distraction is good