So you have done the low table grind and have some FPPs but no real idea what to spend them on?


It is very easy to sqaunder them considering they considering how many easy ways there are to spend them and that they aren't real money

That they aren't real money is your first mistake - they are, they are just called something else.


First, you earn VPPs, not FPPs. They seem similar but aren't, the main reason being is that when you get new star status like Silver/Gold/Nova etc then you earn more FPPs per VPP.


You earn 5.55 VPP per $1 in fees paid. This is from rakes or tournament fees.

This is really 1 VPP per 18c in rake/fees paid


Bronze and Chrome star players get 1 FPP per 1 VPP

Silver star players get 1.5 FPP per 1 VPP

Gold star players get 2.0 FPP per 1 VPP

Platinum star players get 2.5 FPP per 1 VPP

Supernova star players get 3.5 FPP per 1 VPP

Supernova Elite star players get 5.0 FPP per VPP


So for me at least being a bronze star, I get 1 FPP per 1 VPP


So you could say that for me as a bronze star, 1 FPP is worth 18c, this is a rough value and its better we take some store examples to see further how much it is worth.


Lets look at the FPP store.

an $11 tournament ticket costs 700 FPP

a £250 ($415 roughly) gift certificate costs 25,900 FPP

a satelite in the lobby for 150 FPP entry, 90 players awarding a $215 ticket


So using these examples

The ticket would make an FPP worth 15c

The gift certificate would make an FPP worth 16c

The ticket is worth 13,500 FPP and comes out to about 16c


Our initial 18c wasn't far off.


So think of it this way - for every 10 FPP you have, you have $1.80.


The simplest thing to spend FPPs on is tournaments, most people do.


You have large MTTs and small table satelites which all amount to the same thing, converting your FPPs into cash via prizes, which is why we are all here isn't it?


What mistake I have made, and the same one many others make is not treating the FPPs like they are cash and as a result playing outside your variance.


If you had $50 in bankroll and your variance personally allows you to play 50c SnG's, would you play $1 sat's or MTTs? - probably not if you play well with your bankroll

Yet, you have 10 FPPs and see a 300 man hyper in the lobby so think, hey why not!


If however you treated the 10 FPPs like real bankroll, you wouldn't play that game unless either your bankroll improved to permit playing in such a game.


You can of course go to the next level and treat FPP like their own seperate bankroll but that might be a little OTT



The general idea though is  :

- don't treat FPP like free money to be wasted

- play as smart with your FPP as you would real money

- understand how much FPPs are worth for you so you know how best to spend them