Just a quick one

If you need to move from Play to Real Money games and you don't have the RL cash to do it, try the Astro Freerolls

Not a lot of people think the Astro Freerolls are worth playing. They are often full of All-In-Nellies and you are at risk of playing coinflips all the time.

Why not play the Limit games?


Often you will find the fish in those games willing to spew chips.

In limit, you can often win with much weaker holdings than No Limit. Top pairs and Two Pair are a godsend and since you can see streets for a lot less pressure, the reality is that bluffing doesnt come into it as much as No Limit... if you have an understanding of how the game is played and when you have a winning hand, you can pressure your opponent to giveup their chips but if you were wrong or they got lucky, its not the end of the world.


I dislike limit games in real money scenarios, I find that a bit boring and overall I dont have the skillset to play that game outside of a freeroll scenario.


In addition, most people playing those games have little skill or none, you have a leg-up because you understand the game from being involved in the PSO and I think that even the weakest skilled PSO member trounces most of the fish players in these freerolls.

Add further to the chances of you winning are that there can be a lot of players sitting out, these guys can help you in some games where you have to show cards but overall they reduce the count on the tables and make it easier to win with strong cards.


Without trying I am currently in the Razz FL and Holden FL games and doing very well.

In the Razz game - 12 out of 388 from a field of 3835, tickets awarded at 64th spot

In the Holdem game - 1 out of 255 from a field of 9000, tickers awarded at 72nd spot


Here is the fun part... I can't even play Razz that well, I can play it well enough (with a strategy of playing Aces strong and any low starting hand with no aces, play it passive and then fold to strong action but holding out for an ace)


In both of these games my showdown was about 70% winning


Give them a try, they are 100% free!! - You might do well and get a ticket to the $2,500 weekly freerolls!!