Headsup as part of a structured tournament is the finishing line, it is what we all hope for and a most people would agree that whilst you want #1, the top 3 spots are often good enough.

This mainly comes down to the luck factor being a lot more of an issue in Headsup than regular game play.

In Headsup your odds are typically 50/50, that is coin flip territory and the game can often be looser with a much less of a hand to showdown with.


This isn't the Headsup I am saying is the Devil - I am talking about the Sit'n'Go games for Headsup.




There are plenty of people that play Headsup well but those are often Pro's and very experienced players.


It is very easy to notice a $30 headsup game and think "oooh, i can double up here and win $30, it would take me days to grind that out in the low stakes games"

However don't be shocked if the player showing up at the $30 game is a Novastar and has skills you wouldn't believe.


There are certain strategies to playing headsup that guard them against pretty much any play other than a bad beat.


Put it bluntly, unless you have a strong bankroll and a lot of skill, no matter how good you think you are, Headsup is not the game for you.


If you want Headsup practice, play in the Play Money HU SnG's


In conclusion : See captioned picture above