Playing tight might seem boring or in some cases a waste of time to some of you but I wanted to explain why it is essential to your Poker Life.


There is no future in a player that only plays Loose...

I am not saying NEVER play Loose, if you can switch gears then fine but it should be an option not the standard.


Let me take a hypothetical. I come upto you and offer you a bet, flip a coin and if you win, I will double your monthly salary in your day job, loose and your paycheck belongs to me for a month.

Most people wouldn't take this bet because 50/50 is unrealistic to bet all in one shot and if you would take it then it isn't P-O-K-E-R you will find enjoyment playing it is B-I-N-G-O.

So how about if I change the stakes, now it is only a weeks salary. Some of you might be saying OK here but most are still saying, NOPE.

Lastly, what about the loose change in your pocket, say a couple of bucks/pounds/euros?

-- This is a bet regardless of if you made it or not, most would agree it is an acceptable amount to gamble with if you choose to.


So what is the relevance to Poker here?

The same holds true of a Poker conversation.


Scenario 1 :

Would you bet your entire bankroll (say $100) on a Headsup match - sure you will double-up but forgetting the skill factor difference being involved, is it worth risking your entire Bankroll for that bump?

Scenario 2 :

Action is to you, you are at 30BB, you are doing well sitting in about 10% of the field and you aren't near the bubble yet but its not that far away and spent a good few hours in a MTT, action is to you and a bet that puts you all in, your hand is a 50/50 at best like A2o or 72s, would you risk your last few hours and your tournament life with the strong chance to cash for a 50/50 doubleup?

Scenario 3 :

Its every hand you ever get dealt where its medicore at best like any Ace or King and you might not be risking your tournament life, just 5-10% of your chips.


As a loose player, Scenario 3 is your bread and butter and Scenario 2 is within your range but probably your "im bored and want some action" play, Scenario 1 is your "im on a major tilt" point

As you can see, the rational you are making in your head is based purely on risk and nothing on stats when going even with Scenario 3. I am not saying don't take risk into account but it should be secondary to the probabilities in front of you.


After all, no matter which Scenario suggested playing loose puts you in, the fact is you will end up leaking chips no matter, the only variable is how quickly it takes for you to bust your entire roll.

Some people might not even notice it, they will just put the leakage down to variance or bad luck but end up with nothing in the end.


The poker rooms are packed full of fish - its like an aquarium! - You only need to ask yourself, what do you want to be, a fisherman or another fish. The life of a fish is farely care free, you just swim around having fun, no responsibilities or stress - however one day you will find yourself on the side of the dock gasping for air, but i suppose thats just life isnt it?

Or be the fisherman - yeah its a stressfull life and lots of sitting waiting for the fish to bite but when they do, boy you have a meal for your family right there!