Whilst I am sure you have heard this before, I can say that being at the table this is the one thing I notice in other players more than poor bet sizing or spewing 1-2 BB bets when they are at <10BB


To me, patience is the most important commodity of any poker player. This is more than just waiting for a good hand, it is preparing for a good hand.

Waiting for a good hand leads to you shoving all-in with AKs and running into 3 callers limiting your probability of success. People wait for something they are expecting like a bus/train and when it arrives, they just see that as the completion of the task.

Preparing for a good hand means that instead of expecting the AK, you welcome it but immediately start stategizing as to how to play it. It also means that you know how much action AK can handle at this table, what you will do when the flop comes, etc. This differs from just waiting because whilst the bus is pulling up, you are eyeing up the available seats, deciding if you want to sit upstairs or downstairs and how about if it is jam packed, is it just easier to wait for the next bus?


So how do you become more patient?

There are some general tips but here are some immediate give-it-a-try ones.

> Play a game where you sit out for the entire game and just watch your hands and how they would shape up to the board. A good player is one who can occasionally say "i would never have played that, but look - I would have won" but is more likely to say "i would never have played that and look, it would have just landed me in trouble anyway"

>Play a game very loosely and count how many times you win a pot and how much you win from each one keeping it as a total. Then play a game very tight and do the same thing. You should notice that in the loose game, you win lots of pots but the average amount per win is quite small. You should also notice in the tight game, you win less but the average amount per win is quite high.

With the above, this is because tight game play relies less on luck than it does on odds,

What would you rather be smart or lucky?


Sometimes it is easy to become distracted by poker pros who play loose and win big or watch loose 70% of hands players sit around choking the table with their giant stack.

The poker pros, they can play loose because they have the skill level to know how to judge their position in a game.

The loose donkeys who think playing every hand is a good idea MAY get ahead and MAY even FT and cash but the only ones winning in that equation longterm are Pokerstars. You may have heard the phrase "the house always wins"? - this is because if you keep a player in a Casino long enough, any wins they have will eventually be balanced out by their losses.

Poker how is a different beast because if you get it right, you can actually work passed the luck and apply skill to get results.


The 70% guys out there are not using skill so they will fall into the spew-real-life-cash-to-pokerstars category, don't worry about them and don't become them.


Play the game long enough and you will get Quads often enough and if you are lucky, a Royal Flush (like mine I scored awhile back on PS) and the other common factor you will get is a loose player who throws all of his chips at you betting bottom pair when you have a set.