I have created my Time-Vault Challenge Post (http://www.pokerschoolonline.com/forum/showthread.php?46781-Time-Vault-Challenge-Journey-to-Success&p=386012) and welcome anyone to view it, give me any thoughts or critique.


So as per the thread I will be, from Monday, updating both my Blog and the Challenge Thread with updates. The Challenge Thread will contain all the Win/Loss information, just the pure stats.

In my Blog each day I will include a random game I intend to play and will give a detailed summary of my play. I will exclude any obvious folds but any hand that is semi-worthwhile, that I fold or very worthwhile that I get involved in, will be shown with a bit more detail.

I will aim to include Hand Replayer snippets when I can and a summary of how the hand played out and my opinion on the result, good or bad.

I will also try to take something positive from my games. A mistake I made or my opponent made, a good play by anyone at one of my games, a thought, concept or idea that comes to me while playing in that day. I will then try to write about that and include that in the post. It could be a paragraph on the benefits of Set-Mining, playing position well or talking about remaining patient. I am not sure yet but I am fairly sure that with a good 10-20 games per day minimum, I can find something interesting to include in that daily blog.


So wish me luck and tune in, it may not be Uber-Interesting but it will be as detailed as I can make it and updated daily regardless of how much I play.


NOTE : If i can't play for a day for some reason, I will still include a Daily Blog and either explain my absence or just stick something up to state that nothing will be posted that day.