Really quick one - gave this piece of advise to someone and thought it was worth sharing.


Unsure why you are losing?

First of all categorize all of your loses as either BAD LUCK or BAD PLAY.


Bad luck is when you get it in and your opponent shows a worse hand but catches cards

Bad play is when you get it in and your opponent shows a better hand


Take a record (hand replayer, boom, notes) of any hand you consider Bad Play and either analyze it yourself or ask for help on the forum.


With Bad Play... could you have got away from it?

Did you have AK on a 5-way hand with massive action post-flop and are clinging to an Ace or King when chances are you are behind to a better hand?

What about where you have an overpair out of position, you bet it, opp calls. Turn comes and you still think you are ahead, you bet it, opponent raises and you re-raise - he calls showing Two Pair or Trips and you lose?


There are spots some of us wouldnt be able to get away from easily, Trips vs Trips, lower two pair vs higher two pair or trips.

But on the flip side there are hands that most more experienced players would simply fold even though they expect others wouldnt in that spot.


What if you AA and are trapping, get into a hand all limpy like with 4-5 opponents, in position and most people check but one opponent bets 75-100% the pot with 1 caller. You probably have one of these guys beat (better pair for example) but chances are the other one could have a hand or worse still they both together have the chance to catch something on the turn.


One key thing a lot of people forget about multi-way pots is that from an odds point of view, you are fighting ALL of your opponents not just one at a time.

Its the playground equivilant of a bully being ganged up on by a mob full of nerds. 1:1, you dominate but 5:1 you arent getting away from it without a bloody nose and some broken bones!


If you did call the bet suggested above, unless the turn brings another Ace, without an obvious blank and some amazing read that tells you your opponents are on nothing but draws or pairs, there is the chance they had you beat on the flop and without you improving and 2 opponents, there is the chance one of them improved (greater than the chance 1/1 if there is 1/2) and now have you beat if they didnt before.

Overall in this spot you arent dominating the hand so why bother wasting chips here when you can clean up later down the road



Start analyzing your BAD PLAY hands and you will soon see that there is a pattern, you will get stuck with AK often, so what is going wrong? how can you get away from it better? ask or research it and when you know the answer, apply it and watch your BAD PLAYs with AK drop off