So, in modern day Online Poker what is the big difference between Good Ol' Olden Day Poker?




In most WSOP and regular Televised games, like the Levels are pretty much quite long... like 2 hour levels!!

So why the difference between Online Poker and Bricks + Mortar Poker in this way?


Well firstly it is far quicker to play Online Poker.

You don't need to decide as long for your hand, you don't have visual tells to take into account, you aren't actually stacking or moving your chips around.


But surely the difference between this and the WSOP main event isn't that much? I mean if our levels are 12 minutes and theirs are 120 minutes, is this because it takes 10 times as long to play a hand in non-online Poker?


It could be... but it could mostly be down to the demand for more games to be played quicker and faster.


After all why do we have Zooms, Hypers and players who can Multi-Table 30 games at once?

Hourly Rate, thats why!


Online a player who performs well can improve their hourly rate by running quick games that they can Multi-Table and where you or me might run a set of 20 games within a night, there are some players that can run 200 games within a nights session.



Anyways, I am getting off-topic anyways.

What I really wanted to talk about was the style of modern (aka Online) Poker that revolves around the concept of the 10BB shove/fold point.


This is a concept that may have existed back in the day before Online Poker but considering the sheer speed the blinds rise in current games we play, this concept has taken hold of the game and really defined how to play it well.


Most of you who read will understand what I am talking about so no real need to delve further into the concept of the 10BB Fold/Shove.. we know it, we use it, good.


So moving on... playing Turbos.

Since the levels in a Turbo game rise every 5 minutes, a normal game that could take a few hours takes half the time.

The good side of this is that you can play more games quicker.

The bad side is that since a good style involves playing Tight, how do you play tight when you don't have time to catch a good hand before being blinded away?


I love Turbo's providing that the field size is good. For me it is either large MTT's or 45-man, don't like the 90-man - not yet tried the 180-man.


The reason I love Turbo's is because with the correct knowledge of the Fold/Shove play you can command a solid game when those around you are clambering around you not knowing what they are doing and either blinding themselves away, shoving with the wrong cards or even worse... raising 2-3x with only 9BB and then having to play a weak game to either fold if you don't hit or shove a weaker hand.

Most players fall apart and really don't know how to keep up and if you can master the concept of a good Shove range, when to make the Shove, what position you want to be in to make it and what your awareness is of yours and your opponents stack sizes.... if you can do all of that, you can play well in Turbos.


Turbos are about focused aggression. You are a juggernaut waiting to be released and if you are short and your big stack opponent wants to call your ATo shove with just J9c, let him because you then DU through him and sit back watching him scramble around for a few orbits before being short and shoving with any 2 cards running into a better hand.


So the big reason for this post is to establish that there are 2 key parts of Turbo play, not just one.

I thought it was all about your Shove range. How well you can do it, when, where etc.

Sure this is a big part but then the other side of it, the side I have neglected until recently is the Shove-Call range.


When your opponent shoves at you (which they will in Turbos, often) what do you do?

This was I think one of my problems. I drilled my $80 bankroll I had been working up to into $25 and I think one of my issues was that I was playing smart enough to get a good stack early on (or perhaps getting short and then DU to 20BB) but once I had it, I was too keen to let it go.

I would have 20BB and my opponent would have 9BB.

They shove at me and I call with A5o, they have A6 or a pair of 6's and I am reduced to hoping for a miracle but when it doesn't come I am now down to 11BB and fighting for my life again.


I realized that my FT play in Turbo's was quite solid. If I make FT on a 45-man turbo I am more often than not getting top 5 cash, quite often Top 3. This is because with everyone so short there is no end of Shoving going on and you don't want to be too quick to call someone and when it happens practically every hand you sort of get a sense (a nose if you will) for when it is good or bad to do it.

With this nose you can stop yourself calling with A5o on the FT.. so, this begs the question - why would I be doing it when I am not at the FT?


Just because someone shoves, doesn't mean you need to get greedy and look to chipup through their KnockOut. Let them take the blinds or let someone else call them - there will be plenty of time to get more chips when either you hit a nice hand and spot and can shove for a DU or someone shoves into you when you hold AK and then its a good spot to call.


So I fixed this, I tightened up my desire to call Shoves as well as my range of calling and it did wonders.

Out of 8 games I played since coming to this revelation, I cashed 4 times (1st, 1st, 2nd & 4th) which was not a coincidence! (I hope at least!)


So... from now on I am focusing on both sides of the Shove Coin. I think my Shove Range is spot on for getting it in myself - no worries but now that I have established I have a weakness in calling Shoves, I can fix it (and continue to work on the fix as time goes on) so that I improve my chances to cash.