I know someone who refuse to go All-In for the first 3 levels even with AA against 1 opponent with 1/2 his stack.

I knew this one guy that would only set mine with 6 because if he made a set it would be "666"


OK, i made those two up... but for a game that is based purely on odds, I am surprised at how the same things pop up.


I have been on 2 tables, hands get dealt within seconds of each other and both hands were weak for their respective flops but in comparison would have flopped a full-house on the other table.

In one day I got beaten by Quads 3 times and then the next day got Quads twice within 2 back to back games to KO someone.

Another time I was sat and got dealt on 3 tables, within about a minute of each other, twice and and on 2 of the tables, the board came out with A57 as well

Some people might think that is some sort of glitch in the random number generator - but im not sure


What I can tell you is that I am constantly being followed around by the same hands that beat me.


For a week, many many times I was getting beaten by JJ. It wouldn't matter how but JJ was popping up all the time.


So far at the moment my suckout hand seems to be 4-Flush.

It doesn't matter what nice hand I have, AA vs XX, a set of 9s vs XX... the backdoor flushes just keep coming up over and over.

Its not like I am complaining, its just part of the game and I accept that but the Super-Stisheous part of me thinks that there is someone out there giving me these suckouts sometimes and laughing whilst stroking a persian cat.