So I am currently grinding $1.50 45-Man Turbos with the occasional $1 MTT and the <$1 value added and g'tees that pop up.




But i want to get my teeth into something meatier, what do I do?

Well playing over my bankroll variance allowance is a no-go. Doing that gets you into trouble and its a slippery slope down!


So I have my eye set on the $11 Big Game... $60,000 G'teed.

My aim is to get 100% shares sold for 75% of the action (I get 25%, stakers get 75%)


This means that my investors get paid if I win or if I don't no-one gets paid.


Buying and Selling Shares is a neat way to deal with Variance because whilst some games are outside your normal schedule, it doesn't mean you can't play them - you just need to be smart about how you approach it.


Staking and selling shares can appear like you are pan-handling and going around with your cap out looking for a hand-out but it is quite a common and acceptable practice amongst trusted players in the Poker world where people are willing to gamble on other people for sometimes a small amount yet the pottential for a big payout.


So... back to me. I want to play the Big One tonight but will only do it if I can gather a 100% stake and don't want to have playing it interrupt my current Bankroll Plan.

To do this, I need investors.

PSO has its own Shares & Stakings Forum so whilst there are other websites out there that offer shares to buy or sell (Not to name names, but CMU is one of them), since there are other PSO members keen to get involved in Shares & Staking - its a good idea to pop your head in there.


My Share/Stake Request is at : and I have until 6pm to get the investment that I need before I will register.


I hope that I am seen as a good bet. Some people might think it isn't worth it, some might think that I shouldn't be looking to play this game yet but for me, it isn't like I am asking for a Stake in the Sunday Million and feel that I could do very well.


We shall see how I fare.

Perhaps I will get my stake, perhaps not.

Perhaps I will get my stake and do well... perhaps not.


Either way I will update the thread if anyone is interested in tracking my progress should I get into it.


P.S. If you are interested in Staking me for Shares, please feel free to visit the Thread and take a look and see if its worth it for you, any consideration is appreciated.