Happy 2013


First post of the new year... here we go.


I give you $100, I stick you in front of a Fruit Machine that takes $1 tokens.

The prize chance is 30% and the average payout is $5

After 100 tokens you win 30 times and average out to about $150


I then give your friend $100, I stick him in front of a similar Fruit Machine that takes $10 tokens.

The prize chance is 50% and the average payout is $50

After 10 tokens, He wins 5 times and scores $250 in winnings


Both Fruit Machines payout the same average in winnings, the only difference is that the more expensive one gives a better prize chance when playing and as a result that player scores a better cash.


This is just like Poker.


To succeed in Poker you have to win a large amount of small pots or a small amount of large pots.

Typically the more fish players will end up playing the first Fruit Machine because they think that with 100 chances to win they will end up winning the Jackpot or a very big prize. More often than not they lose as many hands as they win, simply because you can't have the nuts evey single time you play when you are so loose.

They might come out with a small amount but considering the blinds involved and the length of time they play to get there, their winnings are nothing short of 2 steps forward and 1 step back.


Playing super tight can sometimes feel like boredem personified and you wonder why don't you just have a nap in between hands it can feel so draining.

Its because we are in it for the long-game. We don't want to win small pots and put our stack at risk of suckouts... What we want is to get the nuts everytime we enter into a hand and whilst that isn't always going to happen, as long as we can dominate our opponent we are doing the right thing.


I was playing once and someone asked me if I was cheating.

I didn't get mad at them or call a mod, I just asked them what made them think to ask me that

They responded by saying that everytime I showed my hand, i always had the best one and it was always with strong cards like Aces or made hands like Trips and Straights.

I then looked back at all of the hands the opponent in question had been involved in, both won and lost. He was playing pretty much any 2 cards as long as there was paint on one of them and although he got lucky on occasion, he was typically only winning with High Cards, a Pair or perhaps two pair if he was lucky.

To this guy, he couldn't understand why I was able to magically pull out Trips or Straights when I showed down and all he managed was High Cards.

Suffice to say I didnt go into a long explanation with him, I just told him it was skill where he then continued to shout at me calling me a cheater etc etc.. rant rant and i just muted him.


The point is that to your loose opponents, you will almost seem like a Wizard when you get involved with a hand because they won't notice you folding often and only playing 10% of hands. They won't notice that when you come into a hand its often with a raise and they won't notice that if you do come into a hand and don't have the best of it, you will often fold before showing your hand that didn't hit the flop well.

All they see is you showing down AA, KK, AK, JJ, Straights, Trips, TTP, TPTK and when they compare it to the hands they win with, they don't understand.



I want to be playing the 2nd slot machine all day long. Sure, the first one sounds more fun and you get to see the pretty lights and funky sounds go off but Poker is supposed to be about winning first, fun second... fun often comes from the winning.

If you want to play for fun and like pretty flashing lights, I suggest Bingo or Blackjack as a fun game to try...because if you want to Win, Poker is a grind, it can be quite boring at times and overall isn't supposed to be easy, if it was everyone would do it!

So give me high win rates, strong payouts and all I need to do in return is make sure that I choose the right machine to play... pretty easy when you think about it.



2013 is going to be a good year!!!