Christmas is over... roll on 2013!!


I decided to take a break from playing Pokerstars over the Christmas Break but in my boredem I did pop into a certain iPad/iPhone App that begins with "Z" for playing faux poker through my iPad.

(I won't name it in case it breaks any T&C's for discussing or promoting outside rooms)


The fact is that if you know of this game or not... its a very interesting type of Poker to play.

Imagine the Skill Level in the Poker Stars Play Money games and then factor that as an IQ, lets call it P-IQ (Poker Intelligence Quotient)...

If the PiQ of regular PSO members who know how to play well is 100, the PiQ of PS Play Money players (not members of PSO) would be about 50

The PiQ of the players on this iPad App Game was about 1, maybe 1.5!


You would play in Sit & Go games and no matter the entry cost in the fake chips you get, you would get at least 1/2 the field shoving their chips in with any 2 cards.

Every hand involved a flop that was played often 80%+ times to the river.

People would bet draws to Overcards and shove any bottom pair or runner runner drawing hand.

It was next to impossible to construct any bet that would reduce the field size... have AK? want to see a smaller field to play it against to guard against being outdrawn? 5 limpers already so if you want to play it a good 3x + 5limpers = 8x bet.... you could make it an 80x bet and you would still get every limper coming in with Rags!


The bet sizing is a joke as well. Players would bet the pot (often with nothing remarkable), shove a re-raise with absolutly nothing --- not in an attempt to bluff their opponent but just because they don't know any better.


Thankfully this means that if you do have a dominating hand, they will chase you to the river with your standard bet sizing with absolutely nothing and then let you cleanup on the river.



As i said, I won't name the game but if you search for it, you will find it.

Don't play it as an alternative to real poker... use it for what it is, fishing practice.


It is very very hard to predict how good or bad a hand your average Fish-Donkey opponent has. If they are strong they can check-raise you, if they are weak they can do the same... if they are weak they can 5x bet you but if they are strong they might do the same as well.

Playing these play-money games when the skill level is beyond poor allows you to see the longterm benefit of playing TAG style.


Sometimes when we play for real money it is harder to see where the right move and the wrong moves are and only after we realize we shouldn't have re-raised the fish all-in with Top Pair just because we saw him bluffing 2-hands before.

Playing in Play-Money games really does tighten your game up, mainly because the general rule of Thumb in good poker is to play TIGHT when your opponents are LOOSE and LOOSE when your opponents are TIGHT. If you are in an enviroment where EVERYONE is loose, you can play super-tight and get paid off. Doing this helps you realize the long-term benefit to playing tight and that although doing so can often mean folding the better hand... when you guard yourself against the unpredictable loose play of others, it really pays off longterm.


So be it an iPad app, Pstar Play Money, I recommend finding an enviroment where the style used by most is LOOSE and the PiQ is poor so that you can learn how to keep your head down and play tight poker so that when you come back to the Real Money tables, your Skill improves!