So I recently upgraded from 50c turbos to $1 turbos...

I loved my 45-man turbos but now since there is only a 90-man turbo in the $1 range, not liking it so much.

The variance on my first run seemed a bit iffy and I don't know if it is just normal, i played bad or just got bad luck but I wasnt sure it was the best fit and didn't want to throw away another $20 finding out so thought the best solution would be to switch to the slower, standard speed 45-man $1 games.

I did much better with those (so far) and the goal now is to build my bankroll with a bit of a buffer and then try the 90-man turbos again. I want to get myself to where I am now ($42) and add a $20 buffer (so reaching $62) and then play the 90 man games again.

Worst case is that I bust them all and unless I can come up with a good reason to stick with them, I need to play the 45-man games some more to keep building up my bankroll.



The key thing to note is that it doesnt matter what your plan is, but only that you have to have a plan and stick to it.

Don't just play game after game after game and hope to increase your Bankroll.

You want to set yourself a goal and measure that over a set amount of games (20 is usually good with most small micro games) and then judge how you are doing.


If you play 100 games but the only record you have is your start and end bankroll.. you could end on $90 or $110 and think you did OK.

Finishing on $90 you might have been at -10% of your bankroll the entire run, just about treading water but still losing.

Finishing on $110 you might have had a terrible run but got a selection of 1st place spots (the rest being complete busts) to get you into a positive figure.


Without data to analyze you are going to run into problems gauging how good or bad you are doing and end up running yourself into the ground.


Do you know why Casinos use chips instead of real money?

It is to distant the customer from parting with real money. When you put a $100,000 chip on a roulette wheel it is just a small circular token but if you had to put $100,000 in $100s on that table, it would be a more significant effort and something you might be more cautious about.

Same is true with managing your Bankroll... not knowing where you are performance wise means that you are just playing game after game and no idea if you are doing well or badly. Just because your Bankroll is in a positive doesn't mean that you are doing well, you could have got VERY lucky.


Ask most players what they would prefer...

$100 in prizes for placing 1st in an event but in the other 20 events scoring nothing

$100 in prizes for placing in the top 3 within 10 out of 20 events, the rest scoring nothing


The result seems the same but it isn't sustainable. You can't repeat it well and if you can't repeat it then chances are it was luck rather than skill that got you there.


So get a plan, stick to it, modify your plan as your ability and bankroll changes.

Try to find short and long term goals to work with. Longterm might be to grind out your reload bonus of 500VPP within the next 3 months. Shorterm might be to get your Bankroll to $100. Who knows, but with a goal is a finish line and without it you are just a loser running down a stretch of unending road without an idea of how good or bad you are doing.




Last post now until i get back in the New Year.

Happy Holidays people!!