So... you made a play early on. You had $1500 and its the 3rd hand of the game and get dealt QQ. The shorter stack (who has $1000 after shoving twice in the last 2 hands and losing some chips) gets it all in with you.


Flop comes with a King to match upto to his hand and knocks you down to $500 or so.


Now is not the time to panic.

You still have 25BB and until you get to the 25/50 you won't need to start shove/folding just yet.


Treat this just as you would any loss that brings you down in chips be it the start or end of the game. You focus on the BB number not the actual chips you lose.


So many times I see people who are down to 50BB shoving it in because they just lost some chips this hand or a few hands ago. They want to get back to their $1500 stack and see that as the best way.

EXAMPLE : I had a game today, 1st level, had an opponent 17x bet into me (with no raises on the field) when i had KK, I shove him and he calls with 88... he sucks out and his straight fills in. (He also proceeded to defend his move saying it was a good play because he got paid and that the preflop raise was a bluff... funnny, stupid but funny)

I was down to about 200 chips and around 8BB once the 15/30 level kicked in.

Other people might have just shoved their next hand in and hope for the best but I was treating this just like any other level. I am short, my Fold Equity is a LOT worse than if I was at a higher level since people are willing to call you with ANYTHING and they are much deeper than you --- so i had to focus on Showdown Equity.

I went into the 25/50 level with about 118 chips... I am dangerously close to shoving any 2 cards in now but still have time... Knowing you WILL get called means that any 2 cards arent going to cut-it and you need to see about waiting for something half-decent to get it in.

Was in the BB and got blinded in for 50% stack with K7o... wohoo got two pair and up to 5BB now.. playing same short-stack game here, FE is still VERY weak and need good SE to play a hand.

Blinds chopped up again and now my 422chip stack is worth 4BB, waiting for a good hand again.

55, UTG+1, UTG (the 88 guy from above) min.raises it, opp round the other end shoves and UTG folds.. Raiser had and caught a Q to knock me out

The moral of the example is that just because I was down to 200 chips, I shouldn't panic. 200 chips was still 10BB and was the equivilant of having 4000 chips in a 200/400 level. I ended up recovering because I waited long enough... Had i picked up any half decent cards before the K7o I would have got it in, no doubt... but I waited as long as I could and when the blinds/antes put you in 1/3 or more into a hand, you have to play it and take your chances, regardless!


Panicing really isn't needed and remember, that we don't bet chips into the pot without a plan. Just because we have the nuts doesn't mean that we need to shove our entire stack into the pot on the flop. The goal is to extract chips from our opponent at a level we believe they will hand them over.




Sure it is irritating to flop the nut straight on a rainbow board and only get your opponents to hand over some of their cash but the goal isn't to play cards based on getting paid a large amount, we want to get paid a large amount in relation to the blinds.

So this means that when you have the nuts and are at the 50/100 level, you may only get $1000 chips from your opponent in this hand even if they have $5000 in their stack. We want them all, sure but by increasing our bet sizing to try and get more we are either a) Giving away a betting tell that shows we have a strong hand b) Asking the opponent to pay too much of a price to pay us off.


If you have top trips and your opponent has trips, he will get it all in - sure... but if you have trips and all they have is middle pair (or even top pair) you might not get their money if you shove at them but if you bet at them right (a good 50% bet is good for value no matter the cards or the pot) then you get paid off in small amounts.

NOTE : Of course if your opponent is playing strongly at you, feel free to raise them or shove at them - chances are they will call you with their weaker hand!

If you can get 3 hands, all of which you are ahead and your opponent is calling-station to your bets, chances are they have a weak hand they are drawing too or have what they think is a strong hand (like two pair or top pair) and you have them beat. A big bet here will scare them off and also gives away what you have. A value bet however gives them an excuse to call and pay you off.


Trust me, when you are deep and you see what hands your opponents muck when you lead them to the river and get a value bet from them, you will see it is more often than not top or middle pair and had you bet them strong you would have pushed them off calling you.




So, don't panic... keep yourself calm and hopefuly you can avoid tilting and getting it in when you don't need to