Yes this one is something I have had to condition myself to work at.


I am much better than I used to be, Sticking that "FISH" emoticon up and complaining that a bad player sucked out on you with a 1 outer... i don't do that anymore.


I am also much better at not making a comment after a bad beat although I am still sticking the occasional (barf) emoticon up when I get a sick result.


Overall though I complain more about fish players in the forums and here on my blog. I winge and moan that I got a badbeat but as it happens more and more frequently I am becoming used to it.

It's just life so I need to STOP MOANING


I find the more and more I become used to and not bothered by the fishy gameplay the better I can just roll onto the next hand without it even popping up in my head.

The more and more I focus on my bad beats, the more I become willing to "want to beat" the fish and play their game instead of mine.


So just like accepting a flip and if you are AK vs QQ, its upto the fates to decide what happens... the same should be thought of fish players. They are just a part of Poker and getting mad about them is like getting mad at the dealer for dealing the card that you lose with, its pointless.


Of course there are times when insulting your opponent can give you a tactical advantage but rarely in Online play and never in my experience against people that have no skill level.

Heckling a skilled player can sometimes tilt them but heckling a weak fish player is like talking to a brick wall and just serves to tilt yourself.



So overall.... stop complaing, baud2death... its life, its just normal Poker, get over it!