Playing badly or at least not getting the results you expect?

I have a new thing for you to try... shame!


I was running quite cold in my last 3 sets of 20x 45man micros. I thought the first one was down to just bad luck, the second one... mmmm luck? the third one I am saying to myself "Perhaps im doing something wrong"


Now without going through those hands (which I didn't) I can't say for sure if I made the wrong moves, gambled too much or for whatever reason playhed badly.


All I can say for sure is that immediately after admitting I could be playing bad and forcing myself to post my bust hands on the forum for all to see, I found a new tool in the Poker Player's arsenal - Shame!


My game perked right up. I found myself being a lot more careful with what I was and wasn't willing to get involved in. There were spots that I just side-step and "BOOM" avoided a whole heap of trouble.

Results wise there is a definete improvement in placing although I am still running into Good Ol' Lady Luck in terms of cashes, my FT's are more numerous than my previous 3 sets of games and my overall placing is much better.

Where I was running into early 25/45 or 35/45 bust outs in my previous games, in the set where I was more studious of my gameplay I was scoring around 10-15th finish assuming I didn't make the FT.


It wasn't as if I now have a Magic Wand and me publishing my Bust-Out hands suddenly cures me of all bad play Mojo... what it does seem to do though is make me more concious of what others might say if they have to review my hand and say "That was terrible - you should chance your name to Tuna-Man!"...


The thing is, all of this seemed to happen without me being conciously aware of it. It wasnt like I knew I was playing bad at all but the only thing that makes any sense is that a combination of my Shame at showing poor results and my willingness to do the opposite and show good results could have let me stumble onto a really important factor in my gameplay... SHAME!


So I am not sure if this will work for everyone or even anyone else but it seems to be working for me so far so perhaps if you have friends or fellow PSO members who you speak with that you feel would be onboard with reviewing your hands... having someone to say "You played badly there... " could be a big help in shaming you into playing better



Good luck