I am sure there is a different word for it but this is what I like to call it.


This is basically making sure that when you have a decision to make against one (or perhaps more than one) opponent, you are mirroring their stack size not yours.


What I mean by this is that say you have 10,000 chips (50BB) and your opponent has 2,000 chips (10BB) you should imagine you instead have 2,000 chips and decide in that spot what you would do.


If you are shoving any Ax hand you have when down to 10BB but in this scenario it isnt you who is down to 10BB but your opponent. You are in the SB and the BB is your opponent. If the stacks were reversed and you had with just 2,000 chips... would you shove it at your 50BB opponent? If your style of play says you would... then by your opponent having the 2,000 chips and you having 10,000 you should treat it just as if you did have it and make the play.


This play shouldn't be used all of the time and typically not against more than one opponent (since it is a semi-bluff it does work better against less opponents just like any hand, made or bluff)


It is hard to make a hand in Poker... it doesn't mean you won't run into AA if you try this play or that your opponent isn't willing to call you with worse and catch cards for a suckout but most of the time the risk vs reward here is plentiful.

Most of the time your weaker stacked opponent will fold. The times he doesn't fold he is more likely to have a poorer hand (desperation does crazy things to peoples hand selection) and should he either catch a win through a good starting hand or a suckout on the board, you have really only lost 10BB and as long as you arent trying this trick when you are short yourself... you can still improve.


As the bigger stack you want to be putting pressure on the weaker ones and sometimes even if they did have a better hand than yours (say a small pair or a lower Ax hand) they might throw it away anyways to last another hand and hope for a stronger hand to shove with.


Typically this tactic won't bust you out but has the pottential to add a good chunk of chips either from steals or knocking out your opponents.


So if you want to try it remember that it works vs less opponents, they need to be at around 10-12BB or under, your stack needs to be strong enough that if you did lose you would still be alive and kicking... and the hand range you need to challenge should be as good as or better the usual 10BB shove range (ie Ax, 88+, Suited/Connected Broadway cards etc)


Its not going to always win for you but you would be surprised how often it works and how often some players dont even think it... they think "My stack size is big enough, i dont care about what my opponent has as im only playing my cards" .... but the free chips are out there, you just need to know how to be strong enough to take them but dont get reckless.... just like any short-shove, without a good spot you can get very stuck.