There is not one single player in the history of Poker who has never not had some kind of run where they have played below their ability.



Some times it is down to Tilting, sometimes distraction and sometimes boredem.


Whatever the reason, it happens.


How long it happens for depends on you and your situation but the sooner you can stop it, the better.


This means that a bad run can last a few hands, a few levels of a game, a few games or even a few days or more.


Getting out of the funk you are in can be hard and the approach differs from person to person and each situation but the best way I have found is to first of all recognize you are playing bad.

Then try and get back to whatever gameplan you use to play by and treat your next game as a fresh start.


A bad run only has to last days or take up your entire roll if you let it and its nothing to be ashamed of. I fear that there are people who would rather keep making bad mistakes rather than admit they are making them.