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My game is solid... I am crushing and I have seen massive leaps in my progress and you know what, it feels Natural.


Its hard to explain and anyone that knows the feeling in Poker or any other task that requires a lot of practice to get good at.

But... it just feels natural. I am not perfect, I am still going to make mistakes or misreads, good laydowns that could have paid off... etc.. etc.

That being said, it doesn't feel like I am struggling anymore, it feels like second nature to me and that I can't believe I haven't been playing this way all along.


The only way I can describe it is like Driving.

I learned to Drive as an adult in my late 20s.. It was hard. I was constantly thinking and worrying and unsure of myself. I had confidence but lacked experience.

I passed my test first time and was driving on a regular basis a few hours a day and over time it started to come a bit more natural to me but it wasn't until I was driving for about 6 months that I just turned around to myself and I was half way down the Motorway and I said...

Did i drive here? How am I doing this? How weird is it that I am driving?

In that split second I almost felt like I was dreaming or something, it was hard to describe but in that moment I felt so surprised that I could drive and was surprised it felt so automatic and natural to me when not that long ago I had no idea how to drive.


This is how it felt earlier today at the Tables.

I had 2 FT's going and got both of them HU... Won 1 HU and lost the 2nd.

After this I just sat there at my PC asking "Did i just do that? How did I do that? How did i get from 1500 chips over an hour ago to a $3 win?"


And it was the exact same feeling... I am not sure if it is the feeling of knowing you can do something and perhaps being a bit surprised about it or that you are only now realizing that the person you were before doesn't exist and now this person is far superior in the factor (driving, poker etc) that you are focused on.


I share this because there will be people out there Struggling... playing 20 games of micro stakes and struggling to win 1 or 2, $10 becomes $5 becomes nothing and has you reaching for the Fast Deposit button for more.

I am not saying you should give up but what I would suggest is stop playing your game and start taking notes of the Blogs, Forum Posts, Articles and the many helpful people in the forum that are willing to help you out either in an indirect way (analysising your hands, talking to you about strategy, advising you on your play on the forum) or a more direct way where you can get coaching.


Either way, if you are spewing RL $$$ and can't figure out why, do not be embrassed to ask for help --- I did and although I was quite defensive at first, questioning every piece of advise I was given, after awhile I really started to get better and whilst I have 10s of 1000s of games still to play before I could even consider calling myself worthy of any real praise.... I am learning every game and getting better every game but I only got there through help from my Staker and defacto Coach.


If it doesn't feel natural.

If you are playing and hoping for an ITM just to repay your buyin

If you are happy when you get minimum cash

If you feel lucky to reach a Final Table

If you feel REALLLLLY lucky when you reach the Top 3

If you feel like your head is going to explode when you get Heads Up or Win


If all of these things apply to you... then take heed that you are no different than the learner driver with the [L] plates stalling his car in the middle of the road with other drivers honking at him whilst he tries to get going again.

This is not a bad thing... but it is something you need to be concious of.

You are not good... you can be if you apply yourself and learn from the right people or places but right now if the needle of progress is pointing down rather than up, you need help and please don't be afraid to ask for it.

Even with me, where I am crushing my micro games, I am still open to help and still keen to learn - i dont think I will ever stop but now that the game feels a lot more like second nature here is how I feel in my games

It does feel natural.

I don't even keep track of where I am ITM in my micro games... of course you know because you know what position you are in on the table but I don't focus on that aspect of it since I am only bothered about the Top 3

I am never happy with minimum cash. Sometimes if I make a mistake and the payoff is that I get a low minimum cash which pays for my buy-in, I can consider the game a wash and try harder next time but overall, even if I play solidly or badly, getting minimum cash to me is no different than getting knocked out in 45th place... Its not what I am playing for and if I wanted to spend 25c to win 36c I would go play Blackjack or Roulette.

I expect to reach the Final Table. Its not a shock if I do, its more of a shock if I don't and that expectation and level of confidence allows me to get there very often now.

I aim for the Top 3. I don't feel lucky when I get there, I feel like I have earned it and once there I play my game carefully so I can get it HU and win the big prize.

HU is simple once you know how to play it. It does get more complex when you have wild loose players who are willing to check/raise with nothing, bluff every hand and raise over every bet... but for those players you just have to restrict your range of cards and fold more because when you do catch a dominating hand they will call you with less and you get all their chips.

When I am HU I don't panic, I just carefully play nice and solid and wait for my opponent to make a mistake or to catch a killer hand and do what I need to do to get my opponents money in the middle and heading towards me.



Good luck at the tables and hopefuly for the majority of people reading this, the game already feels natural like this but if it doesn't and you are playing badly - seek help. If it doesn't and your game is improving, it could feel like this for you soon.