I am grinding the Micros.

It is a tough grind and i was doing just OK getting FT often in the 45man and said to myself "Why not try some 90man, its a very similar field" and I was doing OK... problem was that with my strategy (which is quite TAG... not at all loose) I was suffering at early bubble eliminations by playing my game and watching the mega loose stealing and donkey players chipping up.


My ability level was just about enough to Break-Even... I would bust out of some games, Bubble+1 a few others and score top 6 in a few others and the small wins would be just enough to keep my bankroll at the treading water stage.

I thought that with my current skill level and application of strategy I have 3 options

1) Continue with the 90man playing as I should, even though over the last 3 x20 runs I have done nothing more than break-even

2) Continue with the 90man playing a more loose game and look to emulate the strategy that the less tight players use

3) Go back to the 45man games


I was getting tired with grinding out for nothing so option 1) was out

My skill level isnt good enough that I could consider playing loose because I would have to know when to switch gears back to being tight and I am inexperienced enough that I wouldn't get the change right and end up shipping my chips to my opp on a failed bluff.... so that option was out.

That only left 45man


So I am reapplying my game to the 45man's. Sure the ITM is light (top 7/45 rather than 12/90) but we are never aiming for a min.cash anyways so thats not a factor... getting top 3 in 90 is harder than in 45, but 45 pays a lot less.

Overall I think my variance is being hurt by playing 90man games. I don't doubt that once I can improve my Big-Stack skills, improve my patience and improve overall that I can reapply to the 90man, but for now the 45man games are calling



The reason I wanted to bring this up is that just because you CAN play in a certain game doesn't mean you should. I am not talking about having a $20 roll and going to play $15 HU games... thats an obvious no-no and if you didnt know that then what I am saying will not make any sense anyways.


What I am talking about is having the bankroll to play a game (say a $100 roll and wanting to play $1 games) but not having the skill level to handle it.

If you won a huge Freeroll or got a ticket to a big event somehow and scored high... you could get perhaps a $100 boost to the $10 you are grinding out in the micros.

Now you have a good 100x cover on $1 45man games so why not go crush them right?



Sure you have the variance covered and you shouldn't run into problems on a simple Bankroll : Buyin ratio but you are in the 45man games for a reason... The reason is that you didn't score enough high place cashes to elevate you to $100 without the big bump from your big win. Had you made it on your own, I would say your skill level was more than enough to give the $1 a try.


So what ends up happening? Well you are just about getting used to 25c 45man games and get this big Bankroll Boost and think "$1 here i come... im playing 100x my roll so thats covered" and you play them and can't understand why you are getting such bad-beats.

Opponents are flopping such better hands than you and you are just shipping your chips to them... unlucky!

No, not unlucky... luck is a real thing but often it can play tricks on you. It can make you believe that the simple LUCK of the cards coming out in your opponents favor when they flop the Nut Flush is good luck for them and bad luck for you but in reality what you do with your chips is not about luck but about skill... So if you ship your chips to your opponent without getting information or a good read or having a dominating hand, you arent getting beaten due to luck - its due to bad play.


You might do well, don't get me wrong but you need to be prepared if you do try a higher level to throw in the towl if it isnt going well and try something less.


I am in that spot, 90mans arent working for me. Its a pride hit of course because i wanted to Crush and use the better cash prizes to improve my roll but it didnt work and I need to be man enough to admit it and move back down.

Who knows, i might learn somethings in the 45man games that I didn't know and can apply if i move upto 90man or better in the future ... or i might find that the 45man style is much better suited to my game and be it 25c or $25, it works better for me for how i play.



Overall... the idea is to be smart about what games to play and not just consider CAN you play it but SHOULD you play it