Its hard to build a bankroll...

If anyone is suffering, i hear you... Poker isn't easy by any stretches of the imagination.


What i can say however is that if you run a set of 20x games like I do there is a big difference between the following :


Starting with $5, running 20x 25c games and ending with $1.50 or busting

Starting with $5, running 20x 25c games and ending with $4.50-$5.50


Its not ideal, chances are that if you are playing well you made some mistakes that cost you a better cash at the FT but overall in contrast it is a much better result.


Breaking Even means you made mistakes or got unlucky but also played well enough to cash in during your 20x games. It is not ideal, ideally you want to win 1st place every time but it gives you another shot at the run again to improve.


Don't get me wrong, I am not defending playing bad or making mistakes enough that you just play enough to get to a break-even (ie i dont want you thinking that an out of position shove on your last game of the set with 53o is OK just because you have already g'teed a 6th place exit that will put you at Break-Even)


You should always be playing for 1st and settle for the top 3.. ITM is a poor consolation prize (its like being nominated for an Oscar and then getting given a Teddy Bear instead!) and out of the bubble is just no good at all.


So if you are playing well and either got 100% unlucky or made a few errors and you can come out of a set of games with a clean slate, its not something to pat yourself on the back for but at the same time you should realize it could have been worse.


The key is to realize where you went wrong and fix it.


I had a situation like this. I was running just a touch above breakeven through my most recent run in the 25c 90man games. I would win a little, lose a little and float around breakeven most of the run. I had the last game of the set, went to war with 88 on a T X X board against the CL who was playing any bluff he could get his hands on. I suspected a bluff but the hand wasnt strong enough to challenge him and he did have a Rag T and knocked me out.

Sure, i scored a 60c win but considering that all it did was take my bankroll from $4.50 to $5.10 or so, i ruined a really good shot to improve my bankroll (or even double it in that spot) by risking 25BB on a very bad move.

I didnt do it because i was aiming for 6th or anything.. far from it. I did it because i made a mistake pure and simple and without that mistake i could have done so much better!!

Break-Even is good... but its not the goal

Break-Even for a bankroll is the equivilant of a +1 bubble ITM spot. You don't aim for it and it just about pays for your buy-in but its better than a loss.


Aim for the stars, hit the moon... but never aim for the moon and hit your backyard!