I know its a very valid form of Poker Tactic... when you know you have the best hand, a check-raise can get you a very nice payoff or at least induce a bluff you wouldn't normally get.


I rarely use it, perhaps only in a spot where position is a factor and I have an unbelievably strong hand with a loose opponent.


I see however that it is used far too often in far too many spots where I know it isn't being used to induce a bluff.


Board comes dry, checked to me and I bet it say 50% on my Top pair - Opp shoves

What could this guy possibly have that he thinks there is value to this move?

Does he have a set? If so why isn't he keeping me in the hand for better value... also unless he is expecting a call, he gets paid NOTHING for this move so why bother?


It is the micro-stakes after all so it could be any fish catching a monster and having no idea how to extract value.


That being said I was up against an opponent recently who check raised me 3 times almost in a row.


It felt so dirty and obviously a tactic that he uses often but in every spot it was on the flop and although on one occasion out of three he might have caught a nut-hand, all 3 times is highly unlikely.



I am not saying every opponent of mine should be forced to bet in the way I want them to... I always say that if you play solidly by the book all of the time, even if it is the right thing to do, occasionaly you will get hit in the head by that book with someone playing against you that takes advantage of your tight image.


If someone knows you will fold to a better hand, they can bluff you more than someone who will actually bet that hand... its sadly one of things we will run into as Tight players but it isnt a reason to change our tactic to suit that player since that would be playing bad to get lucky rather than good to get paid.


So, feel free to use your Check-Raise often as you like... ultimately if overused its just like any other loose tactic (such as All-In on anything, limp minesweeper) it will bring more bad results than good and if someone can get chips away from me without actually having a hand I say all power to them, i will get them in the end so whilst they win the battle, I will win the war.


Its still a dirty trick and I just don't like it. It doesn't really fall into bad ettiquete or anything, its a perfectly legal strategy but it is just like the Youtube clip (wont post it here due to TOS but just google search "Daniel Negranu" and "thats not poker". Daniel Negranu was in a hand with a fella who shoves 5000 to his bet of 300... Guy defends the move by saying "That's Poker for you"

LOL... this was some random guy trying to school KidPoker on what is and isn't a good move, its a good job that Daniel has these types of coaches at his table to school him on his plays, otherwise all those WPT titles and High Stakes Cash Games would be a bust!


Overall point is.... I had Check Raises.. do it to me in a spot where you can't show me you had the nuts and I will assume you are a Donkey looking to grab some free chips, I probably won't slam at you since I do dislike that as being rude but you might get a funny face emoticon from me like the green vomit face or something. Just don't like it!