Some people like to protect their blinds, its ok.. i don't and I don't think it is a smart thing to do but some people do it.


The way I look at it, be it the Small Blind where you have to pay more to see a flop or the Big Blind where you could get raised and need to pay something extra to see a flop... its the same story.


What I am about to say is assuming your hand is trash, if its worth playing in the SB/BB, fine but if its not, here we go.


You are a less than muscular and quite weak to a fight ... walking down the street and someone reaches into your pocket and takes out $50.

They turn around to you and say  : "I have your $50 and I will give you the chance to fight me for it, if you win you get your money back, if not - you have to give me your watch - otherwise please walk away"

You look up at the guy, you are unsure if he really is a good fighter or not but you are definetely not a good fighter and chances are you will lose your $200 watch as well as the $50 you already lost.


Now this guy could be a Kickboxing champion (the poker equivilant of holding pocket Aces) or he could be knocked down with a feather (holding 72o) but the one thing you know for sure is that you arent a good fighter so it really doesn't matter if he is, chances are you will lose.


This is exactly the same as playing a Big or Small blind with a cost.

You have already lost some money, consider it an ante and something you really shouldnt consider yours. Its the cost of playing and its gone.

You have a chance to get it back plus more from your opponents but this is only possible if your hand is good - otherwise you are risking too much for such a little reward.


The next time someone bullies your blinds, you are pretty sure they have nothing but really if you have nothing - you can't call.


Some of the worst moves i have made are raising back at someone shoving me from the button or small blind only for them to go over the top of me and force me to fold.


Don't get me wrong - plenty of people will bet position at the blinds with nothing but it isnt your job to play table sherrif and call them on it unless you have a good hand to challenge them with.


Its much easier to bet light than it is to call light...


Try not to see your blinds as being anything to do with you - fact is they are an optical illusion and although they sit in front of you and don't enter the pot until action starts, they may as well be antes that you don't see