Remember when your mother said "If you can't say anything nice - don't say anything at all!"


This applies to the Poker table too Ladies & Gents.


Sure, we are all adults and coarse language never hurt anyone.

Sure, Pokerstars has a little fish and donkey emoticon for a reason.


But there is such a thing as class and there is a severe lack of good behaviour at the tables I play at.


If you beat someone, you call them a fish or a donkey.

If someone beats you, you scream rude words from the rail.

Calling people idiots or other rude names.


Its not on really and I am getting sick of it.


Do I play against Donkeys and Fish a lot of the time? YES!! of course I do.

Am I rude enough to stick up a fish emoticon and have a go at them for sucking me out? no... because thats just plain rude and shows no class at all.


Firstly telling someone they are a donkey says more about you than them. It says you had an emotional reaction to their move/play and felt the need to shout rude things to them. At worst you come across as a loudmouth, at best (for them) they can tag you as someone who is easy to tilt whenever you get sucked out on.


Trust me, i ran into a player who would play loose and would often play his opponents with bluffs and then scream and shout at them for calling him saying that any decent player would have put him on Aces there and to call him was idiocy.

Then almost like clockwork, after such a rant he would shove his stack all-in. I thought the first time i saw it it was chance but after noticing it 3 times after this on seperate occasions i realised it was something he did when he tilted.. i took note of this and then used it to shut him down more than once.

All the while i didnt comment on his loud loutish behaviour and let him tilt himself and he still has no idea to this day that he does it as far as I know.


So the next time you are at the table and someone sucks out on you, plays like a fish or a donkey or is generally winding you up... let it go, maybe make a cute (sick) or (thumbs down) emoticon to express your frustration but try not to take it personally because it isnt worth it