OK I took a week off, suffered some bad luck and bad playing so took a break


I am back now, trying out my (dare i say it) luck again and grinding away at the Micro's


The rust is starting to peel away a bit and i think there is some good quality Poker Robot under this dirty brown shell. We shall see!!


Sometimes you do have to remind yourself that it is still gambling. Yes, will good skill you can outplay people and unlike Blackjack, Roulette or other games of chance, the skill can tilt results in your favor a lot of the time... but that being said, its still a gamble.


There of course are reasons why there are more Poker Pros than Blackjack Pros or Roulette Pros because there is for sure skill and ability involved but i think the second we forget it is still gambling and we are simply making small bets against our opponents and against odds... its not too disimilar from horse racing in that.


If we look at a flop and see we have a good hand, sometimes we can compute our opponents possible hands and even factor in what outs they would need to improve against our made hand. We take the pot size into account as well as the read we have on our opponent and in the end its no different than the horse racing guy who bets on form, weather, history of the jockey/horse etc


Sure, with the right understanding of position, bet sizing, outs, pot odds etc we give ourselves an edge over our opponent, it still doesnt stop them from holding the nuts and us holding the 2nd nuts destined to go broke!...


Ideally we want to get our money into the middle, hoping our opponent will do the same when we have the best of it. If we do this when our chances to win are at the best they can be, rather than our opponents who will shove with worse hands, in the long run we should win more than our opponents.


Stay grounded, stay patient and stay true to the plan... and at the end of that rainbow, you will either have a short ginger troublemaker in green looking to take the last of your money... or some gold, who knows?