The one place you never ever want to be.


Over the past few days I have had some good spots, some really good spots, some bad spots and some REALLY bad spots.

Today, I played VERY badly. I made decisions I really couldn't see myself making given a second chance, I didn't play to the plan I like to keep to and although i could have blamed it all on bad luck, bad beats, cold deck, donkeys outdrawing me yada yada... I hate to be dishonest to myself because it just means I will carry on playing this bad and blame everyone else.


So my only option now is to commit myself to running Freerolls. I have about a week's worth of Depositor Freerolls to grind, I have a bi-daily 45man $10 pool game to play. Thats really my only option because I have no way of commiting RL cash to my bankroll and am going to have to really scrape at getting further ahead with these Freerolls.


Its a crap position to be in... I really want to play, I hit a slump and the slump took my small bankroll with it! ;( yikes


I am sure anyone who has ever started playing from the ground up has run into a bust in their time playing Poker so I know I am not crying about anything that is new in the world of the game but it just hurts.

I know I have skills... I know I have patience and commitment to get the right decisions working for me but without a bankroll, I'm stuck until I can find a way to build it up.


I did it before, scoring a 4th place in the Depo Freeroll for $100... I am sure I can do it again but it just sucks.


I'll survive - just wanted to put my busto out there on my blog...


Oh, and one piece of advice for anyone ---- if you find yourself in a slump, stop playing.

Don't keep on buying into game after game hoping to get on a better run, you are not playing your best so if you take a breather, assess your play and can come back to it the next day with a clearer head, perhaps you can get past it... I didn't and my poor play really got me stuck in it.


Good luck at the tables