In the videos :, Grayson (aka SpaceGravy) teaches you how to manage your stack well and what hands to be playing in what spots.


It provides a fresh dimension of sorts on gameplay depending on the blind level, what your opp blind is and what your blind is.


Some of the tips included :

: When you are short, consider shoving with less than premium hands to induce a fold (or get lucky and double up)

: When your opponent is short, consider shoving at them with less than premium hands to induce a fold and if you do get a call, you will be ahead most of the time and if you do lose, you will still have chips to bet with

: Choose your position when to shove. Ideally you don't want to be shoving unless you are on the button or the cutoff and it is open. There is no point in shoving from early or middle position because there are too many people to act before you. There is no point shoving if there are limpers or even a raise because chances are you are behind.

What I didn't fully understand from these videos and is something after watching them again, playing a lot but more importantly a friend has really mentored and drilled into me... is that position for shoving is everything.

Thinking about it, it makes perfect sense.

If you are on the button, you only have 2 people to beat but if you are UTG, you pottentially could have 8 more people to beat. There is a lot more of a chance that someone has a good hand within 8 opponents than if you only have 2.

Also, if there are limpers in the hand already, they are basically saying "I have a little bit of a hand like a small pair or perhaps some suited connectors, its not enough to raise but it could be good" - by raising even on the button with those limpers still to decide, you are putting them to a decision to perhaps gamble with their poorer yet still good enough to limp hand and considering they have the stacksize to justify limping, they will no doubt have you covered and think if they do lose, they could easily survive after.

So its key that when you need to shove, avoid doing it unless open and avoid doing it from a bad position. Its amazing how often players will fold to your shoves from the button when it is open. Sometimes they hit a hand and you get crushed but most of the time, that shove will help you last out one more orbit, or depending on your stack size could even double you up if super short.

Of course if you are Super short and can't wait for a spot, shoving anything from any position is sometimes warranted, best to do it and if you get knocked out at least you gave yourself a fighting chance rather than being blinded to nothing.

And also, the size of your shove stack is important. If you wait until you are down to 4BB before you shove, even if you do Double Up, you will still only be 8BB and will be in the same spot again. At least if you do it when you are 10BB, you can steal some blinds or Double Up, and in doing so get a much better stack size.


After all who wants 8BB when you can have 20BB!


I see lots of opponents i face and I thank god they didnt actually watch this video series but am also sorry for them that they didn't


I was short stacked in a game today, i shoved at 8BB, got some folds, waited and did it again next orbit, orbit after that i got an open spot in the blind, cutoff and AQ in the HJ so i shoved 3 times in a row and that was good enough to get me from 2nd table to Final Table.

Entering FT i was 7/9 so still had some improvements to make. Any time i needed to, and it was open, i shoved over my opponents in position and got folds. The two players to my left were super shortstacked so no matter what i had in my hand, i shoved at them whenever it was open and got folds each time.

What I remember (FYI i got HU and finished 2nd in that game) is when I shoved at the two super short stacks for the last time and they both called pushing them both all in, i had Q6 and my pair of 6's knocked them both out at the same time. From the rail one of them said "unlucky" because i think his starting hand was better than mine.

I noted this because really... it wasn't down to luck. He let his stack get so short by not taking any opportunities to shove when he needed to. Sure, i was putting pressure on him every hand i could but the player immediately to the left was the big stack, i wasnt shoving anything at his Big Blind so there were plenty of open spots that he could have shoved at and got some folds improving his stack.

In the end he let himself get blinded down and because he didnt know how to manage his stack better he lost.

All he needed to do was shove earlier on when on the button or cutoff... sure the stacks were much bigger than him but supershort as he was he was destined to get knocked out just like he did and had no shot unless he could have mustered the gumption to take a shot at some steals, even with 72o!! He would have either got a fold or two and improved his stack, he would have doubled up with his hand or he would have got knocked out.. two of those scenarios would have helped him, one was going to happen inevitably unless he did something.


I would say if there is one video or article worth watching over any other (except perhaps those that teach you good bankroll management as that is essential!!) I would say this video series is the best