I haven't posted an entry in a few days... I got really behind with my grind and it was 2 steps backward, 1 step forward, 2 steps forward, 1 step backward!


Thankfully, I really turned a corner with my overall strategy. I sadly can't share it here as it is just for me but basically involved playing my game in a completely new way that works very well.


Since my last entry I have played around 60 or so 45man 25c micro games. In those I was finding myself 1/20 or catching a few cashes just about enough to put me slightly behind breakeven.

I began questioning my entire strategy and although the tactics I am using now are still unproven in terms of sample size, so far the results look promising.


I started my latest 20x run with about 5$ in my bankroll. Not forgetting that my investor had $10 already invested in me so before I could see any split in profits, I had to pay back the $10 first! So behind before I start.


Long story short, I did very well.

I cashed often enough with a few random games thrown in (I played in some MM sat's and cashed in the tickets, a $1 timed event where i got $4.50 back and I got a couple of $ in the Depositor Freeroll and the 55c G'teed) to help and the end result was a dramatic $22 or so at the end.


So whilst in the past week I have gone up a few $, down a few $.. in one day I was able to grind out a 4.5x profit from my buy-ins. Thats good poker people.


This is great news for me because it gives me a little bit of seed money to start running the Micro's unstaked. I know I have the support of my investor and should I find myself cold decked and my $6.60 Bankroll doesn't produce results, I can perhaps look at another stake scenario.. we will see, but for the moment I am my own man and will see how much I can grind out of $6.60.


I am glad that I was able to payback my investor, as well as provide a small return on his investment... although to be honest, his support and guidance are worth much more than a few dollars and he is such a genuinely nice guy, I am just grateful to have his help.


So next for me is more grinding... I will share any insights I get about my play but if there is one piece of advice I can give to anyone - don't give up.

There are plenty of freerolls that cost you no money to enter and you can pickup a few cents or sometimes a few dollars from them so you can either use that to top up any losses you might get or if you do well enough, use it to improve your bankroll.


Good luck out there!


P.S. - Some comments were left on my previous post on not bluffing in the Micros. There were things said that made it sound like I was saying bluffing can't work in the Micros.

I wanted to make it clear that I don't think you can't bluff in Micro stakes - I am suggesting you don't try.

I will pull an occasional bluff in a Micro Stakes game, it sometimes works - it sometimes doesn't but generally I avoid it because on a whole, it doesn't work.

For a bluff to work, you have to tell a story with your hand and that is illustrated online by how you bet more than anything. If you bet strong pre-flop, strong on the flop and continue strong to showdown, you are representing a VERY strong hand and that is your story.

Smart Poker players can read your story and understand it well

Bad Poker players (aka a lot of the people who play Micro stakes) have no concept of what your story is.


To these players you could limp in from the button, check the entire board to showdown or you could be 3bet the preflop, betting the pot at each turn and river... as far as they are concerned, if they hit their hand... the rest doesn't matter.

Its stupid, it makes no sense but thats Micro stakes.


There are a lot of people who play Micro stakes that this won't apply to and are good enough players to understand these concepts. However even if they are the majority, unless you are able to tag and label regular and smart poker players... if even a small minority of players are immune to bluffs, you have to assume they are all immune because you will go broke playing against these people with your bluffs.


Lastly, there is no real reason to bluff most of the time against such players. If you spot a player who acts like this, don't try and bluff them - just get into any pot with them where you are dominating and extract the monies