Today was quite an up and down day for results.



First, I decided to cash in some FPP and play in a MM SAT. I had no intention of running the actual event but its a quick cash in for TD$. The game was 9 man, Turbo, 2 seats to play for and I got one of them.

The above is a good trick if you are down to almost nothing and have some FPP in the bank. Either play some Freerolls or buy-in to a Satellite (try to pick the small table ones, large table ones often pay 1 seat for 300 players and its too much of a gamble) then don't enter the event, just unregister and thats money you can use in other events.

So with my 4 buy ins for the 25c game, i played them and didn't do as well as I like. My last one I had a badbeat when my KK got cracked to QJo and my opponent pulled a straight leaving me down to only a few BB and out at 9th.

Back to $0 again...

I had my 2 daily $10 Freerolls to play in, first I only came in 11th (ITM is 9th and a prize pool of $10) and the 2nd I came in 6th giving me 55c.


You know what that means.... 2 micros!

Sufice it to say, I couldn't get ahead in those either, ah well.


You really notice losses when you are paying out for 1-2 games at a time and can't get ahead. The key is to remain positive and play smart. No need to rush. No need to aim for minimum cash either, its all or nothing because minimum cash is a waste of time and although anything above your buy-in is a good win since you are moving forward rather than back, its VERY bad practice to get used to accepting minimum cash. It should be treated as what it is, the lousy consolation prize for the good effort you put in.


Along comes the daily depositor freeroll. I do well for awhile, good top 5-10% of the field for the majority of the event but sadly lost out to my trip 5s vs a straight, ah well it was played well and I came away with 60c for 940th out of 19,000 (+ rebuys).


Just like a very strange deja vu, I am back again at the game buy-in stage and this time decide to be creative. Still within my allowance for playing 25c games I decide to go for 1x 45man, 1x 90man, 1x 360man and 1x 990man. Whilst this isn't as careful and methodical as I set out to do, since at most I can get 2 buy ins for a 45man, i thought why not mix it up a bit and who knows, it might pay off (and it still is well within my 25c max so im happy with it) and I get some fun out of it which is important to still have.


There is NO POINT in playing Online Poker if you don't have fun... sure, we all want to make money but there are quicker ways! Has to be fun for you


The only one out of the 4 that bears fruit is the 990 man Hyper.

I finish at 10th and cash 25c


UPDATE : A kind benefactor has agreed to stake me in a series of 20x 45 man 25c games.

This means that I am now not living hand-2-mouth in terms of my buy-ins and can comfortably relax and play a good solid game when I am at the tables. I am still going to get involved in the Freerolls where I can since that is all incremental to the ongoing process but during the Stake I will only be playing 25c games, nothing else unless it is a Freeroll.

I will update this thread around the same time tomorrow to show just how I got on. I am hoping to show some progress in my Bankroll and hope the ability to just get on with the series of games rather than having to worry about where my next buy-in comes from will let me play better.


Day : 1

Bankroll Summary : $0.28 / $100 (0.28% done)