So not doing too well, I am on the ropes and after blowing my good $100 bankroll with bad choices and chasing stupid phantom dreams of improvement, I am down to the felt.


What is the plan?

Well - I do not intend to Deposit, sorry Pokerstars but my hard earned cash in the real world needs to stay far away from the Poker room.


What I intend to do is play any well balanced freeroll (I used to play in the Bankroll Mob Freeroll but running a 5000 man field for a 117 ITM of $25 prizes just is a waste of time IMHO.


So I have a regular bi-daily Freeroll 45 man for $10 prize pool that I can play to rebuild my BR.

I have the 100K Depositor Freeroll that I can play

I have 40FPP left so thats 4x $500 G'teed Freerolls to play


I am sure that within time I can get my Bankroll moving in the right direction.


Pledge 1# : Not to touch any Headsup games, no matter the cost - it's either too much of a gamble or skill wise I am heavily outmatched, either way its a bad move.

Pledge 2# : Not to touch any game that is over my 100x variance, even a $1Mil G'teed pool for a $1 entry, it is not happening!!


Goal 1# : $100

My game : (aside from Freerolls) 25c 45x Man Micro's


Goal 2# : $150

My game : $1 45x Man


Goal 3# : $350

My game : $1.50 27x Man (i don't like the speed of the Turbo 45x mans, 27 man is fine and gives me a better variance too)


Goal 4# : $700

My game : $3.50 45x Man


Goal 5# : $1000

My game : $7 27x Man


Once I reach $1000, I will re-evaluate my plan but I think going from $0-$1000 is going to take me long enough that I shouldn't have to worry about that for some time.


I will post a daily update of my performance right here in this blog, summarised and hopefuly anyone who is interested in working the Micros can take something from it.