1st time blogger and writing is not my best skill by no means so please have some patience please. Been reading ALOT about badbeats in the blogs. AA KK QQ AK whatever getting smashed on by what some of you call garbage hands. This is online poker folks played by people worldwide here. You get all kinds of personalities playing with all kinds of playing styles. Never have seen this in the poker tips/books/shows whatever maybe because they do not want to seem racist but it's not about that- more like how people are raised and the what/how of life is taught to them. First lesson of the day- Math/odds/outs does not always rule the way people play the game. You have social styles involved, I am using social for a lack of a better word here, that can help predict how people may be playing. Learn about where people come from/live. It can tell you alot about the playing style. Go into an small fixed limit games and just make notes of where they are from and how they play. After a while you will see some patterns. Big bluffers,safe players ect ect... 2nd lesson of the day- AA KK are really the only two hands to go all in on while not knowing the players at the table unless you are short stacked or know FOR SURE that you have donkey players and you stand a good chance of winning against 72 0ff suit. You do not know them and THEY DO NOT KNOW YOU...How are they supposed to know whether you are a donkey or a strong card player? Poker is about risk management. 3rd lesson of the day- "Donkey cracked my AAKKQQ with 78 suited." First of all if your pushing QQ all in from anything other than late pos with limpers you deserve to lose. Let me tell you something else, if I know you only play strong cards and have a couple of callers-depends on the pot/bet verus how many callers, Damn skippy Im calling you with 78 of diamonds cause if it hits I will take down some serious chip stacks. Lesson here mix up your hands to keep people off balance. Sometimes it is worth it to lose a little if it causes someone the misread a strong hand later on and make a very bad call. 4th lesson- dont frigging over play AK AQ AJ unless your shortstacked and cry about it. ALL IN? REALLY?