HI ALL,JUST ANOTHER BAD BEAT TO REPORT,IM IN THE BB HOLDING 76 HEARTS,SMALL BLIND MIN RAISES,I CALL ,OFF TO THE FLOP,THE FLOP A spade 89 hearts,sb pushes 3 times the blind,i call,the turn 10 hearts,bingo im thinking,small blinds pushes all in,stra flush to the river,how can i lose,the river 2 spades,showdown,my opponent,turns over qj of hearts,stra flush cracked,didnt lose my chat this time tho,ive come to expect that,here at joker stars,you win some and you lose some,try to play the way 'poker stars trainers teach me,but it dosent seem to matter at times,what your holding,it seems like they have aye ,win, lose,switch on your page,and when the switch is off,you will lose,dose anyone else get that feeling at times?hope it isnt true tho,im sure they cant rob us like that,can they?well gl all,DONE GONE