After playing in the PSO League for several weeks, and reading quite a few blogs and posts, I have come up with some conclusions as well as questions. My recent concerns regard the format of the tournaments.
   There have been some excellent blogs recently concerning how to play in PSO tournaments. TT Party Car and Juan Tabone made several excellent points regarding early play and what to do when you survive it. Playing more cheap hands early helped me get my first cash in several tournaments recently, after cashing or getting positive points in half of my first dozen. Previously, if I survived the first three rounds with my tight-aggressive style, I ususally played decently enough to survive until the late round shove phase (well, for me, as I was always shortstacked again by round 11 or so!). But as MathieuAA touched on, it's tough to get by the early rounds because of the blinds climbing so fast.
   In the few money tournaments I have played ( always micro-stakes 2.20-4.40 lol ), I have always fared better. I think this is partly because the blinds are slower. Worst case is a $2.20 NLHE where starting stack is same 1500 chips as PSO, but blinds are every 15 minutes. Granted, with less 'shove monkeys' it is easier, but mostly I get to play 20-30% more hands per round.
   I understand the PSO is set up to help newer players learn and quickly eliminating players who don't seem to care (sadly there are quite a few) is a benefit to the rest, but are there  ways the tournament structure can be improved? Perhaps increasing the starting stacks? People will still shove and thus some will survive even later, but in more competitive tournaments (not that these aren't competitive enough for me!) there is tighter play early. Perhaps slowing the blinds down? This gives players a chance to see a few more hands which is always useful to a player who wants to learn. Lastly, perhaps more tournaments. This to give some players a chance to play more. Speaking for myself, my job (2nd shift) doesn't allow for any tournaments most days. I have to cram them into two or three days mostly.
Some more early or late tourneys would allow players more opportunities.
   Thanks to everyone who's blogs/threads I've read and all I've played against! Good luck at the tables!