Hello PSO community and welcome to my blog! First, a little about myself. I'm Billy. 19 years of age and hail from the United Kingdom. I first got into poker playing for fun with a few friends when i was about 15. Skip on a few years and at 18 i started to play for real money. It was then that I got to grips with the basic concepts of fixed limit hold'em which I prefer over no limit. I initially lost a couple of deposits early on and i lost my motivation to play. Just less than a year later and i'm back playing far better and feeling far better.      


My challenge is to get from my current $50 to $10,000. As this is a very ambitious task I have set no time limit. I would love to have it crushed before the end of next year but i shall not be too dissappointed if i do not manage it.

One thing I will not let my self do, is give up. I will be working at this hard and hope to learn alot from the PSO community and beyond! I shall be trying to complete my challenge entirely from fixed limit games. Full ring initially, but 6 max if and when i make it up the limits a bit. (I suck short handed at the moment )

I intend to update this blog regularly with graphs and general progress reports and most likely vent the inevitable frustration that comes with poker.

Anyway, until next time. good luck at the tables.